National Save Your Photos Day

National Save Your Photos Day, photography, backup photos, memories, family history, personal history

I love photography! In fact, all but two of our products are made with pictures that I've taken. Photography is more than a hobby or a business. My photographs are a collection of memories from my life, the places I've visited and the people I care about. 

Two times already, I lost hundreds of pictures to broken phones! It's so frustrating, heartbreaking and yes, completely unnecessary. For National Save Your Photos Day, I wanted to share some tips about how to make sure you have these memories for yourself and for the generations that follow you!

  • Definitely back up all your photos from your phone and computer on a cloud-based service! I use Google photos, personally, but you should use whatever you prefer.
  • Write in the names on your physical photos! You know all those people, but if you have kids, they are going to be curious about your life, and they may not. By adding names, you make it easier for the next generation to learn about their history.
  • Scan physical photos to save them along with your digital ones. 
  • Share! Share! Share! The more people who have copies of those important momentos, the more likely they are to survive the test of time!

So, take a moment today to backup your pictures. Include your family or friends, so it's a trip down memory lane, rather than a chore. Your great-great-great grandkids will thank you for your efforts!

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