Mindset and Exercise


Almost one year ago, I decided I really needed to kick it up a notch when it came to my health and fitness. I wanted more energy, a better immune system, and to make my body more capable of doing the things I wanted to do! I knew I would have to change a lot though and it'd take some work.

At first, I made a schedule for every week to remind me when to lift weights, do yoga or go hiking. It worked at first, but if I wasn't in the room with it, I'd forget it existed. Out of sight, out of mind. So, I put it on my fridge, and I'm going to be honest, it's still there. Unread. Unloved. Unused.

So I started researching apps. Like many from my generation, I have my phone with me far too much.  My app of choice was, "The Fabulous."  It was exactly what I needed. I used it to create a pop-up reminder for my phone. I also learned a lot about creating good habits, because it features some really great articles.

One of these suggested that I change up my environment to set myself up for success. So, I put a little motivational picture on my bathroom mirror, and I hung up my headphones on an unused towel rack. For evening yoga, I put my yoga mat next to my bed. These things may seem small, but the visual made all the difference in the world! Now, I exercise everyday. On days I'm tired, I'll do some light stretching.

I'm not only grateful for this knowledge, but I'm completely fascinated! Isn't the human brain cool!?  According to, Psychology Today, exercise is more fun if you do it outside and that working out with a friend who is has a high fitness level, will make you work harder.

In, the article Mind and Body: Exercise Environment Matters, Dr. Plante suggests thinking about your exercise goals before choosing your environment. For example, if you need to de-stress, do your yoga at home by yourself. If you want to get pumped, go outdoors with a friend. Music is also great if you need a pick-me-up!

What I've learned, is to think about what I want to get from my exercise experience, and tailor work-outs to that. I have to have fun or I'm not going to do it. Honestly, why do something you hate? So, I choose to listen to soft music while doing yoga, or to take my camera outside for a hike.  Fitness isn't just about work, its about living a better life. So, make sure you're doing something that brings you joy.


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