It's National Mushroom Month!

It's National Mushroom Month, and even though we're very late, we made a tote to mark the occasion! Check it out here:
Some mushrooms glow in the dark, some are poisonous, and some may help treat cancer!  This fungus is also delicious and healthy! Mushrooms are full of water, vitamins and minerals! Portobello mushrooms are full of potassium!
Mushrooms are also great for the environment. Mycologist, Paul Stamets, found that they can be used to clean up pollutants, such as oil and heavy metals. He has used them on his farm to clean up agricultural runoff. The uses for these amazing life forms seems endless! 
The mushroom is actually the fruit of a much larger organism. The body itself is mycelium, and it can create massive networks in the ground. Trees can use these networks that grow in and around their roots, to communicate and send food to each other. If a tree is in distress, its neighbor can use this network to send it food!
Mushrooms are amazing and underrated. Take a minute to appreciate this amazing part of the natural world. 

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