Dress For Your Body Type?

Our first blog post! Short and sweet.

I had a really hard time coming up with a concept for it! What could I write about clothing and fashion that hasn't been written a thousand times before? I never figured it out. However, I did think people might find a post about dressing for your body shape useful, so I started doing some research.

Here are my thoughts:


Women  Geometry.

Almost every article I found defines a women's body as a triangle, square, circle, hourglass, pencil or some other geometrical or inanimate object. Even worse, most articles tailored their advise to hiding, "imperfections" or creating an illusion that our bodies look different than they do. Usually, like this: 

 hourglass figure

Every body is different and that's okay. Seriously, wear what you want to wear and feel great! Everyone has a different style. Embrace yours. You don't need to be an hourglass, and you don't need to feel like a triangle, because you are a beautiful, valuable person! 


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